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2020 Grimdosi S#5

Waypoint: Seoul


Sejong Center for the Performing Arts Museum



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Exhibitors Name: 최진영(Healthy drawing)

생활하며 보고 스쳐가는 것들을 담아두었다가 낙서로 옮깁니다. 즐거운 생각들이 많은 곳에 닿기를 바라며 단순한 선들로 그려나가고 있습니다.
It captures things that you see and pass by while you move them to graffiti. I am drawing with simple lines, hoping that pleasant thoughts will reach many places.

Space Name: 건강에좋은낙서

건강에 유익한 낙서 활동으로 채워진 공간입니다.
It is a space filled with graffiti activities that are beneficial to your health.

Insta. @jychoioioi


Tel. 02-790-9322
E-mail. help@oaah.co.kr