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2020 Grimdosi S#5

Waypoint: Seoul


Sejong Center for the Performing Arts Museum



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Exhibitors Name: 에디시옹 장물랭(Edition Jean Moulin)

에디시옹 장물랭은 유럽과 북미의 독립출판물을 국내에 소개하는 출판사여요!!
Edition Jean Moulin is a publisher that introduces independent publications from Europe and North America to Korea!!

Space Name: 에디시옹 장물랭

에디시옹 장물랭은 종이와 잉크, 그리고 인쇄가 어우러져 가장 아름다운 책의 물성을 이끌어내는 곳이여요!
Edision Jangmulin combines paper, ink, and printing to bring out the most beautiful book properties!

Insta. @editions_jeanmoulin


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E-mail. help@oaah.co.kr